Through our consultants with first-rate expertise in tire structure design, manufacturing technology, material design, technical services, marketing and more, ETIC is able to assemble teams that perfectly mirror each customer’s needs. The result is continual support from a trusted partner you can rely on. Our proven track record of performance includes motorcycle, passenger vehicle, truck and tractor tire technical support for tire makers in India, Taiwan, China and elsewhere.
Market Surveys
ETIC provides multi-client studies that delve deeply into the eco-tire trends that are a rising tide in the worldwide tire industry. This puts us in a strong position to offer research and proposals in the synthetic rubber and tire businesses.
We have also held a seminar in India on the theme of “Tire Markets and Technology: the Trends in Japan and Worldwide.”
Achievements in Tire Production Technology
  • ETIC provided consultancy on PCR uniformity and manufacturing technology improvement for an Indian tire manufacturer. (2016 – 2018)
  • A liaison support contract is part of the ongoing project between ETIC and an Indian tire manufacturer. ETIC also remains in liaison communication with a Japanese Auto Manufacturer as the Representative. (since 2017)
  • ETIC has concluded a general technical consultancy agreement with an Indian tire manufacturer, assisting with TBR tire design and manufacturing technology. (since 2019)