As those of us involved in global business are forced to confront ever-accelerating change, even the near-term future becomes increasingly difficult to discern. And yet our clients in the elastomer manufacturing industry face the harsh reality that the time span from identifying an opportunity to realizing a profit from that opportunity, including plant construction time, can often be years or even decades.

In order to survive in such an industry, we need to adopt an unwavering managerial approach that is equally effective in any circumstances. At the same time, however, that approach must incorporate an on-the-ground workplace-level flexibility that allows prompt adaptation to short-term changes in the business environment. This is what makes it so critical to embrace a flesh-and-blood management style with a human touch, so as to maintain the right balance between overall basic strategy and effective individual workplace execution.

Effective business management depends upon a wide range of elements, and the emphasis of our consulting is based upon, and developed around, our unique technological perspective on the industry. We earn the trust of our clients by implementing an integrated form of consulting that incorporates a full range of services, from uncovering key opportunities to helping build overall strategy; developing R&D support; facilitating basic engineering production; assisting in plant operation start-ups; and troubleshooting at every phase of a project.

And we stay with our clients, moving forward with them as a trusted partner.

Yoichiro Hibiya
Yoichiro Hibiya :CEO