Services Offered

ETIC offers Business Strategy Consulting, Support Service and Service for Manufacturing Business for your maximization of your Business Value.

Business Evaluation
More than just market research and analysis, we also evaluate business potential and technologies to provide a comprehensive and clear picture of future prospects.
Strategy Planning and Implementation
Setting of targets, creation of detailed strategies for the?achievement, and provision of ongoing support in implementation.
M&A Support
Integrated business evaluation, consisting of financial and technological analysis. Provision of professional skills to support business practice and increase value.
Overseas Development Support
Today, a global approach is necessary to maximize business value.
This requires a lot of preparation, and ETIC offers an integrated development support package, including legal support and accounting.
Technical Advancement Support
ISO compliance has become standard practice lately. However, several cases have been noted where ISO compliance itself has become a main objective, leading to the management of exterior appearances only and the incomplete or inadequate development of the business itself. ETIC provides a complete support service, managing the internal development of your business to increase its value.
Technology Trading Support
Cross-border technology license negotiating service

BPR, ERP planning and implementation support

Production Process Renovation

Writing of market research reports (single- and multi-client)