ETIC (henceforth, "the Company") handles private information (i.e. information which can identify individuals, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers) relating to clients, customers who use the website, and so on, in the normal course of business.
The Company endeavors to maintain and monitor the maintenance of appropriate discretion in accordance with the laws governing the protection of private information and all related laws (henceforth "the Law"), as well as our own company standards to uphold the Law, when obtaining, using and managing such private information.

The Company will

  1. Establish regulations and a practice manual with regard to the protection of private information and ensure that all of its employees handle such information with an appropriate level of discretion.
  2. Have on its staff a supervisor responsible for the management of private information, and ensure that a management structure for the handling of such information is always in place and practiced efficiently.
  3. Always clearly notify the purposes for which we collect and use private information.
  4. Never pass on any private information to a third party without valid reason (such as if required by law).
  5. Undertake all necessary measures to prevent falsification, undue disclosure, and any other illegal act in relation to private information.
  6. If private information is entrusted to a third party, choose a suitable third party and provide appropriate guidance and supervision to ensure that this information is managed in accordance with our own policies regarding protection of private information.
  7. If a request for disclosure, correction, deletion, cessation of use, or any other request regarding private information held by the Company is received from the individual concerned, always act accordingly and immediately upon completing any necessary procedures (such as receiving confirmation from the individual), unless the Law prohibits compliance.

Concerning the above, amendments will be made as necessary to ensure the ongoing currency of our policy.